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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Joining the society is FREE. You will receive access to the discussion forum and have the ability to purchase a membership which brings additional access to perks including the Universal Cart Pass and much more.

What do I get?

There are a few different levels of PGS Membership:

Free Membership:

Access to the discussion forum, PGS swag, and periodic discounts / promotions.

Paid Membership:

Full Membership - Our welcome package including branded PGS golf towel, PLYR gift card, Callaway swag & the Universal Cart Pass.

Universal Cart Pass - Full Membership not your thing? The UCP can purchased by itself! 

How does the Universal Cart Pass work?

The Universal Cart Pass is a voucher booklet that will have ONE "coupon" for each participating course. Simply present this coupon to the pro shop and receive your 1/2 cart for free

Can I share my passes?

Absolutely, each member receives the same universal cart pass and coupons. Just remember, these are SINGLE USE coupons so once yours is used at a participating course, its gone for the year.

Is there a deadline to join?

There is no deadline to sign up. But we recommend signing up early to maximize the amount of courses you can play in our short prairie golf season.

What courses are in the PGS?

To see the courses participating in the PGS, please see the Courses tab of our website. Each Universal Cart Pass contains ONE cart voucher to every course. 

Do the coupons expire?

Yes. Membership to the PGS is annual. Each year, a new universal cart pass / coupons will be issued. 

Are there redemption restrictions?

No. You may use the cart pass coupons for play at any time (Twilight, Weekends, Mens/Ladies nights, etc).

How do I renew?

Memberships become available every January. Currently, there are is no maximum amount of memberships but we reserve the right to cap that number. 

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